August 14, 2022

About Younoia

The ancient Greek word "eunoia", eunoia literally translates to beautiful thinking. It also connotes the possession of a well-balanced mind, which exhibits good will and kindness

Our Values

Strive to make the lives of around you easier.

Put people ahead of profits.

Pursue to be always right, if you do not know the answer strive to find the right answer.

Be fluid and embrace change.

Serve not sell

Be outside the box.

Stand on the shoulders of giants.

About Younoia

Younoia Investments was conceived by Raghav Singh with the goal of making real estate investment solutions simple and profitable of investors and suppliers alike.

Younoia Investments is dedicated to bring together the best of the industry professionals to provide you expertise in every aspect of
real estate investment and finance.

Our team at Younoia can help you to :
Pay off your mortgage in less than 10 years
Reduce your tax bill
Create passive income

“After spending a decade in the industry where good business is building wealth for our clients through thoughtful, responsible and sustainable investment in real estate, I could not believe how less the industry is focused to provide consultation and solution-based approach to its clients. Once I understood that the only way to break away from the mould was to start anew, it was inevitable for me to start Younoia.”
-Raghav Singh